Who is Vintendo


The Founder and Leader of ManChild Technologies, Vintendo Brings with him a history on the mod scene that goes back to the Early 90s. You might know Vintendo from Such things as his Work on the “Justice for Geo” videos along with the creation of The Geohot movie trailer, and is also credited as Doing the voices For Characters on the ManChild Show.

With Such Tasks As App Design and Concept design as well as Project creations

          Vintendo Helps keep the World Connected By Disconnecting From Reality

Vintendo has released a few great mods and Tweaks for the IOS platform such as

TRUE HD and Vmoji and FaceSlideR and Look Who’s Typing Now and SpringFace.

Being on the Scene since the First jailbreak in 2007 he knows the in’s and outs of the IOS platform and Jailbreak World.

With a background in Video Editing And 3D modeling as well as work in the Dev department and Project manager and concept design,

along with over 20 years of tech background in:

 HardwareRepairsModdingNetworking, Graphics Design, Home Theater, Sound Design, Music, StoryBoard Creation and Writing 

Always “Blurring the Line Between Tech and Fun”

Vintendo brings to the table an Aggressive yet Firm stance on blurring the line between Tech and Fun. His ultimate goal, reinventing

 The world as he see’s fit and becoming :

The Mad Hatter of the Tech world.

Parental discretion is advised

Why not visit some of Vintendo’s work




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